Movie Review- TRON:Legacy

Spoiler Alert: depending on your level of anticipation you may not want to read anything about Tron: Legacy before it opens so stop reading.

TRON: Legacy

The buzz and anticipation surrounding this release is huge! Mobile phones & cameras turned into security before the movie, bags searched and magnetic wands before entering the theatre are just some of the measures taken at the Vancouver Cast and Crew screening to prevent movie piracy of this upcoming Disney blockbuster. The movie was principally filmed in and around Vancouver last year, luckily a crew member invited me to come along to the preview.

A follow up to the 1982 Disney live action/animated sci-fi classic TRON, which you don’t have to have seen in order to enjoy TRON:Legacy. This sequal advances the story of Jeff Bridges character Kevin Flynn as we and his adult son, Sam (played by Garrett Hedlund with a perfect combination of boyish enthusiasm and manly bravado) find out what’s happened over the last 20 years. Through amazing animation effects Jeff Bridges also reprises his role as Clu, his cyberworld equivalent who hasn’t aged at all over the last two decades. On the other hand Bruce Boxleitner, also reprises his original role of Alan Bradley; who, having been on the outside of the game, is now a senior member of the Encomm board of directors. Another excellent addition to the cast is Micheal Sheen, in a small but scenery chewing role as a nightclub owner.

Without giving any storyline away, I will say that the visuals on this film were stunning, every artistic detail from set, to costume and hair to the amazing technology used in their Light Bikes and Light Jets. By blending 2D and 3D in the filmmaking akes the film seem somehow more ‘real’ while not being over the top and distracting with the every little shot in the movie ‘coming out of the screen’ in 3D.

The original soundtrack by electronic mega stars, Daft Punk fit perfectly into the movies score. The dynamic duo even had a cameo during a club scene.

Speaking of cameos, see if you can figure out the future villain of the ‘in the works’ TRON: Three.

Overall the sights, sounds, solid acting by the leads; Bridges, Hedlund and female lead Olivia Wilde were a great combination to make us laugh, cry, cheer and leave  wanting more!

Go see it!

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