Six Month Fitness Update

Well here we are, it’s been six months since I changed my lifestyle and began getting healthy so time for another update.
I’ve been working out on my own since wrapping up my 12 weeks of personal trainer sessions. I’m happy to report I’ve lost weight but gained so much more: muscle, self-esteem/confidence, energy and better health have also come along as the weight has left. The body composition machine tells quite a dramatic tale from first stepping on it back in April to this week; overall I’ve dropped 42 pounds on the scale and in the beginning I had 36% body fat now it’s 14%, representing a loss of 90 pounds of fat!
My trainer at Steve Nash Sports Club, Alex Jack, gave me three training programs for my three weight days, between my four cardio days.  I must admit working on my own, it’s a bit harder to keep myself motivated and I don’t have that extra ‘push’ Alex provided each workout.  I’ve kept at it though and week after week I’ve able to advance the weights used and my endurance during the sessions.  I am pleased to have been able to meet or exceed the targets I’d set for the summer (I never thought I’d be able to leg press 425lbs).  I was also able to test my cardio by completing the Grouse Grind for the first time, in 1hour 6minutes. I wasn’t paying attention to the time on the way up but if I’d known I was so close to the hour mark I’d have passed a few more people to get under the hour.
Now that it’s fall I’ve gone back to Alex for three new programs to target more specific growth building.  These programs will make sure my body isn’t getting to used to doing the same things and will hopefully be able to see more improvements by mid-winter.

Besides Alex, I have to thank my friends and family for all the encouragement & motivation over the past months! Couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ll be back in a few months with another update!

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