The Posies – 20 Years On

The Posies – Venue – December 10, 2010

Hard to believe Bellingham’s The Posies have been together over 20 years but that explains their comfort and ease onstage.
They’re hardworking too, not only are they headlining their current tour but they’re also playing backup for support act, Brendan Benson.

Having been together through so many trends in music their sound has adopted many of them. Their set is like an encyclopedia of music genres: grunge, pop, hard rock, lounge. All together it creates the most melodic mashup of sounds!

Being so close to home for their second last show of this tour the band seemed to have an extra vigour in their performance that the small but dedicated crowd loved.  If only this were a later show and not competing against holiday parties & other big name concerts this would easily have been a much talked about gig…at least I’ll be talking about it

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