New Artist Alert: Mark Munroe

Like many people, Mark Munroe says he had dreams be an entertainer since he was a young boy, however unlike many people, he’s making that dream a reality. When asked he says “at a certain point in my life, about 5 years ago, I decided to follow those dreams with everything I had.”

So Mark embarked on fulfilling a dream, with the support of his family of whom he says “…my Parents have been 110% behind me all the way, and are my biggest cheerleaders and fans”, he left the stability of 9 to 5 banking world behind.  Mark dropped some weight, got in shape and sculpted his body to achieve his first goal of becoming a top male model.

Mark Munroe - Model

Success followed, working for clients like BOSS, Motorola, Lush, Colgate as well as UMM, Company, DNA and Cosmopolitan Magazines.

Next the opportunity to lead and write a full length album with a band marked his first foray into the music industry. While writing, touring and promoting the album the third step in his entertainment domination presented itself.

This time TV beaconed, with a lead in episodes of Body Language and a judging stint on …Last Bride Standing“, various music videos, guest spots and reality shows followed.

This all leads us to today and a new solo venture into pop music. …Secrets and Lies“ is the first single from his forthcoming independant solo debut …The Life That I Designed“.

What a great title, not only a play on his model’s life but of a man in control of his own destiny.

Singles & Lies

After an initial hesitant listen ‘Secrets and Lies’ has grown on me to become an incredibly catchy retro sounding pop song. It’s the type of song that begs for a great dance-floor filling remix, which appears in the works since Mark recently tweeted his search for a DJ to assist in the task.
Coming from a family background of professionals hasn’t stopped him from leaping head first into the entertainment business, learning on the go.  A diligent self promoter Mark is constantly filling his fans in on his activities via Facebook Twitter and his Blog, including a recent revelation about his sexuality, a long term relationship and the industry’s view point of keeping him in the closet. With his single for sale on iTunes and getting radio airplay around the world it’s time for Model-Actor Mark Munroe to add another hyphen: -Popstar to his resume. Perhaps the time isn’t far off when he won’t need a hyphen at all…everyone will know his name.

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