Tyrell Witherspoon takes “One Step Closer”

After making the challenging decision to alter his career path in 2011 from dancer to singer, Vancouver out-artist Tyrell Witherspoon is ready to take One Step Closer to pop superstardom.

In May of 2011, Tyrell debuted a new side of himself with his first solo single, “Letting Go.” Known primarily as a dancer on stage and film, this former CW “Hellcats” dancer took a chance to step out of the background into the spotlight. Not shy of hard work, Tyrell began working on making his music heard; multiple club appearances, playing Pride festivals across the country, opening for artists like Destineak, Wynter Gordon and the legendary Martha Wash, Tyrell showed that he didn’t only have the moves, but the voice as well.  Following a success summer, Tyrell debuted his first self-produced EP titled “Dance With Me,” a fitting title for the dancer turned artist. The EP was featured on blogs all over North America and garnered praise from many critics.

Constantly seeking to grow his knowledge of the industry, he took a step back for the late 2011 into 2012, Tyrell watched and learned from the industry. Studying music and other performers he looked up to intently, Tyrell began writing music and working on perfecting his stage show.  Finally, the track “One Step Closer” was born after taking old lyrics and revamping them for his current sound. Working with Vancouver DJ and producer Nick Bertossi, Tyrell crafted a pulsing dance track with honest lyrics about asking the love of your life to come back to you after a rocky period or break up.

Tyrell says of his music, “I’ve always tried to write songs that come from an honest place. Whether their my own personal stories or stories I’ve observed from family or friends. My songs may be dance-y and up-tempo but in the end, I want the song to relate to you and mean something. I grew up listening to music that served a purpose and I want my listeners to know that I have a heart.”
I’ve seen him perform live many times and can attest to the fact that Tyrell has lots of heart, he gives his all to every performance no matter how large (or small) the crowd, he wins people over with catchy numbers, slick dance routines and a engaging stage persona. He truly wants to reach his audience and make them feel and care about the music as much as he does.  

The video for “One Step Closer” was shot locally in Vancouver with the help of Reel Illusions Entertainment. The video portrays the angst caused when a mutual friend comes between Tyrell and his lover, played by real-life Fiancé Patrick Levesque.  After a fight, the real question is, will Tyrell forgive him or is he ready to move on? The storyline is intercut with footage of Tyrell and two backup dancers busting out some choreography at Blue Egg Studios.

Tyrell is currently working on writing a sophomore EP which is set to be released later this fall. Thanks to artists like Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Jakes Shears of the Scissor Sisters and the newly out Frank Ocean – Tyrell hopes to break into the pop music scene regardless of his sexual orientation this year.

“The music industry is very heterosexually dominated. But, just because I am engaged to a man doesn’t mean my stories of love and heartbreak are any different. I want to help the world see that.”

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