Vancouver Foodster Chicken Wings Challenge 2018 Results

The 2018 Vancouver Foodster Chicken Wing Challenge has wrapped up with the trio of dishes being offered by Metro Vancouver restaurants. From July 21 – July 15, 2018, the trio of media judges and public tasting and selecting their favourites from Davie Dosa Company, Ban Chok Dee Thai, and U & I Thai restaurants.

Like all Vancouver Foodster challenges, the chefs were invited to be as creative as they like with their Chicken Wing entry, either highlighting an already existing menu item or create a wholly unique dish.

In the 2018 Best Chicken Wings Challenge, the three chefs plated their chicken wings, at five of their eateries all across Metro Vancouver, from Langley to West End, Vancouver.  The public was encouraged to try any or all the  Chicken Wings entries and then vote on Vancouver Foodster’s website for their favourites to be crowned People’s Choice Best Chicken Wings.  A panel of media judging, including myself, Sherman Chan and Joyce Lam also had the hard, but tasty, job of trying all the selections to choose the Judges’ Choice Winner.

And the results are in:

Judges’ Choice: 
First Place: U & I Thai

U&I Thai – U&I Wings









Second Place: Ban Chok Dee Thai

Ban Chok Dee – Tom Yum Goong Winglets









Third Place
: Davie Dosa Company

Davie Dosa Company – Cilantro Chicken Wings









People’s Choice:
First Place: Ban Chok Dee Thai
Second Place: Davie Dosa Company
Third Place: U & I Thai

For the total points and results visit
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