Vancouver’s Stop Podcasting Yourself celebrates 500 Episodes

Next Monday, October 16th, the Vancouver-based comedy podcast, “Stop Podcasting Yourself” (SPY) celebrates its 500th episode.

The three-time Canadian Comedy Award-winning podcast hosted by comedians Graham Clark and Dave Shumka.  “Stop Podcasting Yourself” is a weekly comedy podcast that features a different guest each week and has fans from around the world. The only Canadian podcast featured on L.A.-based network, Maximum Fun, which is run by Jesse Thorn and features shows by other comedy luminaries like John Hodgman (“Judge John Hodgman”), the McElroy Brothers (“My Brother, My Brother and Me”), and Adam Conover (“Adam Ruins Everything”).

Dave Shumka & Graham Clark

“Stop Podcasting Yourself” started in 2008 when Dave, who met Graham at a comedy show, asked if they should do a podcast together. Since then, SPY has regularly appeared on numerous ‘Best Of’ lists and has garnered three Canadian Comedy Awards: two for Best Podcast and one for Best Audio Series. As well the duo’s podcast has gained the admiration of other comedians who not only listen but also turn up as featured on-air guests such as; Paul F. Tompkins, Brent Butt, Nikki Glaser, Debra DiGiovanni, Dana Gould, Jon Dore, Jimmy Pardo, Jen Kirkman, Cynthia Hopkins, Rory Scovel, Matt Braunger, Scott Thompson, Todd Glass, Alicia Tobin, Charlie Demers, Ivan Decker, and many others.

Brent Butt says “SPY is the only podcast I listen to regularly. Graham and Dave are hilarious and genuinely spontaneous. They also manage to come across as truly pleasant young chaps, even when they’re eviscerating some shallow showbiz bonehead.”

Besides the listening to Stop Podcasting Yourself, keep your eyes open for live shows which have sold out all over the country.  Dave Shumka is a frequent collaborator with the creative team at CBC Radio’s “This Is That”, and Graham Clark appears regularly onstage at the Monday night Laugh Gallery at Havana

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