Via Brasil Steakhouse

Via Brasil Steakhouse is an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse located in the Summerlin suburb of Las Vegas. Serving 18 cuts of all-you-can-eat, meat directly to your table, plus a large selection of salads, sides and accompaniments.  I visited recently on a trip to Las Vegas for a friends wedding, Via Brasil, though located 20 minutes away from the Vegas strip, was a great location for a group meal. Conveniently, the restaurant provides shuttle pick up and drop off service from / to the Strip, a mini-coach ride to the mystery location of the restaurant built anticipation of the meal ahead.
Upon arrival at the restaurant, the friendly staff showed us to our table in a semi-private area.  Starting with the great choices from the 30 cold dishes and 6 hot selections, which were enough to be a meal on their own. Following our initial plates, the servers began circulating with the skewers of meats. Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, sausage and scallops were all seductively brought tableside on a 3 foot skewer and cuts are placed on your plate by a very large machete-like knife. While more and more meat is delivered it seems never ending, it’s convenient that diners are given small discs reading “Meat” “No Meat”, keep it reading “Meat” if you want to continue eating but once full, turn it to “No Meat” and the servers will by-pass your plate. However, even after the “No Meat” is turned, the meal isn’t over as the dessert server brings around the dessert cart for your finishing course; cheesecake, chocolate mousse, cakes and parfaits. All were rich and decadently tasty.
I think everyone at the table came away feeling full but completely satisfied but a great meal with great company. With so many amazing eating choices in Las Vegas, it takes a lot to stand you and Via Brasil Steakhouse certainly does that. It’s worth a visit on your next visit.

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