What Happened To Grandma – New Music Free Download

You can find out “What Happened To Grandma” by checking out their debut single, Memories.

Founding bandmate brothers, Alex and Matt were separated at a young age, and found each other again in 2010. Bonded by shared blood and love
for music the Russian-Canadian duo set out to bring back the new-wave
dance sound of the ’80s in a big way. With a sound that’s reminiscent
of the synth driven dance-pop of that era and a lead video to match the 80’s aesthetic, “What Happened To Grandma” is bringing it back with style. Although they’re not the
only group with ’80s revival in mind they separate themselves from the
pack with crisp production and punchy filled-with-attitude
vocals. Their sometimes dark and foreboding lyrics mix perfectly with
their heavy but danceable instrumentals leaving listeners wanting to know “What Happened To Grandma”.  Listen to “Memories” their first single and download it for free

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