Wilco – Roger that!

Wilco – The Orpheum Theatre – February 5, 2012

Alt-rockers Wilco took to the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver in support of their fall 2011 release The Whole Love. The beautiful theatre is a great location for the sounds of Wilco, their bare bones performance and simple staging means the music is front and centre.  The nearly sold out audience was widely varied, just like their recordings, and included dedicated fans of all ages singing along and cheering with passion.
As a casual fan, the simple performance and sound-a-like quality of many of their songs left me a bit underwhelmed. The band didn’t interact with the audience until 4 songs into the set and with some of the songs being quite extended, that was a long while into the show. The extra distraction of the theatre’s ushers strictly enforcing the No Cameras policy with bursts of their flashlights throughout the audience did little to add to the performance on stage.
Still, for the Wilco fans they seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and what the band had to offer.

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