Wildlife – NXNE 2011

Wildlife – Horseshoe Tavern – NXNE 2011

Surprises are one of the best parts of NXNE Fest and this was indeed a total unexpectedly enjoyable set from a band we knew nothing about. Many people had heard a rumour that The Black Keys were going to be surprise guests in the 3am slot.  This was indeed just a rumour but perhaps to the benefit of local Toronto act, Wildlife, the audience was larger than it might have been.
We were pleasantly surprised by this five piece; with a sound slightly reminiscent of Mumford & Son.  A great stage presence and rapport demonstrates their seemingly hard work and regular touring,  as they kept the balance between songs of chatting with each other and the audience. The tunes were pleasantly fun pop/rock and to display their musical abilities many of the bandmates switched instruments throughout the 40minute set. Even though the stage was clearly baking hot, the sweaty energy from the band transferred to a boisterous audience who clammoured for more even as the set wrapped up.

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