Wynter Gordon Glitters

Wynter Gordon – Five-Sixty – September 1, 2012

On a busy night at the nightclub, the audience was eagerly anticipating the return of up and coming dance diva Wynter Gordon.  The former songwriter for other dance icons, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige and Estelle took a step to the front of the mic when she released her own EP, “With The Music I Die”, last year.
After a short three song teaser show last year at Anthem Party at Plaza Of Nations, there was an appetite for more Wynter music so Big Roger Events brought her back for another set at Glitter featuring DJ Adam Dreaddy. This time the artist brought 4 songs with her, however that wasn’t enough to satisfy the voracious audience looking for some great dance music and a fun time.  While it’s hard to sing live in a nightclub without a monitor, Wynter got off to a shaky start as her vocals suffered from the noisy audience. She improved as she got used to the room and warmed up with some witty and teasing banter with the surrounding crowd.  Singing her big hits, ‘Til Death” and “Buy My Love” to much enthusiasm and dancing, she interacted well with the audience as she next hosted an onstage dance contest for 5 eager and competitive participants, greatly entertaining the fans. When she ran out of tracks she attempted to sing along to a couple of remixes the DJ played for her but not knowing the tunes, she sang a bit and went out into the dance floor to get up close and personal with her people.
Hopefully the next time we see Wynter Gordon, she’ll have a few more tracks to perform a full set and live band, to really see and hear what she is capable of on stage.

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