Yelle – French Fab

Yelle – Commodore Ballroom – May 13, 2011

I didn’t really know them and I couldn’t understand them but I was completely won over by French pop trio, Yelle.
Debuting onstage draped in, what appeared to be, army camouflage netting, lead singer Yelle (Julie Budet), backed by bandmates – Grand Marnier and Tepr, had the crowd eating out of her hand immediately.
After the first song, followed by a quick change into a sexy animal print dress then a catsuit, Yelle bounced and danced across full of slinky, sultry energy. In support of their recent release Safari Disco Club, the 75 minute set was a dance party on and off the stage. While many probably didn’t understand all the words, the audience danced and punched the air for the entire evening of fun Euro-pop. The set flew by, leaving everyone wanting more and hopefully Yelle will return soon to deliver it!

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