Zanerobe – Go To Denim

Jeans are something that almost every one of us wear but is probably the one item we are most fussy about. How hard is it to find the perfect pair of jeans? Too tight, too wide, too blue, too light, it’s like Goldilocks trying to find the right cut, colour and size.
Hallelujah! I’ve recently found my new fave, go to pair of denim from Zanerobe!
I’ve got fairly athletic legs and find most modern cuts are too tight on my ample quads and calves, making skinny jeans look like jeggings.  I was introduced to Zanerobe denim and their Straight Mate cut is just about perfect. Straight cut but not too wide at the bottom, just enough to pass over the calf making them thin enough to keep modern looking. Just the right rise and space in the butt and waist. A great dark wash makes them versatile enough to dress up or down.

Check out Zanerobe online store or one a retailer near you.

UPDATE Aug 10, 2012: I recently returned from travelling and it made me love my Zanerobe’s denim even more, they were a great travelling jean, versatile and comfortable.

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