Interior Design Show West

Looking for something to do this weekend?

If you have an interest in home design, art or architecture head down to the new Vancouver Convention Centre October 14 – 17 for Interior Design Show West

Hundreds of exhibitors showing furniture, fixtures and everything else for your house, home and garden.  It’s not all just for your home either, if you’re a shop owner, commercial property landlord there will be things of interest to everyone. Events, workshops and speakers are also in the agenda from the likes of HGTV’s Sarah Richardson

When you’re there, make sure to stop by and say hello to my friends at Greenscape Design & Decor to see examples of some of the amazing work they’ve done around the city!

23rd Vancouver International Writers Festival

As one of North America’s premier literary events, running October 19th to 24th, the Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival aims to:

  • advance literacy by introducing young readers to the wonder of books.
  • deliver the world’s best writers to Festival audiences.
  • promote new and undiscovered British Columbian, Canadian and international writers.This is accomplished through a variety of literary events/readings held throughout the year, Spreading The Word; the festival’s in-school programs for children and the Festival itself.Under the eye of artistic director Hal Wake, the Festival attracts an impressive array of local, national and international writers.  Over the years renowned names such as: Martin Amis, Margaret Atwood, Maeve Binchy, John Irving, P.D. James, Rohinton Mistry, Frank McCourt, Alice Munro, JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie and Carol Shields have mingled among the thousands of readers who decend upon Granville Island each year.

    This year over 100 writers will participate in readings, seminars and lectures over six days in various venues at the Festival’s home grounds on Granville Island. Tickets have already sold out for a number of events so visit the Festival website now to experience the World Of Words!

  • Klaxons

    Klaxons – Venue – October 4, 2010

    Three years in the making, Klaxons finally return to Vancouver in support of their long awaited second album, Surfing The Void
    With huge buzz out of the gate, taking their time to follow up their debut seemed like a risk especially for a British band facing the fickle British music press. 
    On this side of the pond, if the crowd at Venue was anything to go by, the enthusiasm hasn’t diminished. Although not completely sold out there was a good turn out to catch their bouncy new-rave songs.
    ??A?s? ?t?h?e?y? ?w?h?i?p?p?e?d? ?t?h?r?o?u?g?h?? a?? ?9?0? ?m?i?n?????u?t?e?? ?s?e?t? ?i?n?c?l?u?d?i?n?g? ?h?i?t?s??? ??????????G?o?l?d?e?n? ??S?k?a?n?s?,? ?????I?t?’?s? ???N?o?t? ??O??v?e?r?, Echoes among others, the band and crowd fed off of each others’ energy growing with each new tune. Even though I don’t know their new material well yet, their enthusiastic performance kept me bounc?ing? and engaged throughout the night…a tough task late on a Monday night. ? ??? ???  ?

    Don Quixote – Arts Club Theatre Company

    Opening Nights at the theatre are full of anticipation; will you like it, will it be boring, will it be… Even more so when you’re seeing a new work as we did last night at The Arts Club Theatre Company’s Granville Island Stage. 
    Don Quixote is a collarboration between The Arts Club, Centaur and Axis Theatre Companies. This comedic adaptation by Colin Heath and Peter Anderson of Cervantes classic tome also stars Peter Anderson as the title character.
    With inventive sets and costumes, especially the masks by Melody Anderson, take us from a simple stage out into the Spanish countryside or within a castle walls.
    Having not read the orginal work I can’t say how true to the story this play followed but it obviously took some liberties as they began to play the dialogue for laughs.  Colin Heath told us, at the Artistic Directors Circle, he found his ‘angle’ in the second volume of the original work, written after the exploits told in the first book have made ‘Don Quixote’ famous throughout Spain, taking the point of view of a story within a story or play within a play in this case.  
    The writing, unfortunately, left me a bit wanting, I felt unsure exactly what this play was trying to be, as it wandered from a period drama to buddy/road trip comedy to pantomime, never quite resonating on any level. There seemed to be plenty of laughs from the audience but some of them came very cheaply via out of place toilet humour. Maybe I’m being overly critical but I don’t think I was completely alone in feeling unsatisfied.  
    The producers have developed a good structure for this play but still could use a bit more time refining the writing to have a hit.  Afterall, not all plays begin life as an instant ‘classic’ and thanksfully we have companies like The Arts Club Theatre that allow playwrites and producers a place to nurture new works and new ideas.

    Eco Fashion Week Vancouver – Fall 2010

    Eco Fashion Week Vancouver presented by Aveda begins this week, running September 27-30th, 2010 it is a gathering of eco-designers, fashion buyers and media.
    All come together to promote collections of environmentally friendly, trend setting fashion.  

    It’s mission statement is:
    To Celebrate Responsible Principles And Style
    To Identify And Refine Sustainable Industry Practices
    To Educate And Inform About Eco-friendly Fashion

    As the Fashion Industry, like many others, shifts it’s focus toward environmentally sound practices, Eco-Fashion Week highlights designers committed to recycled, organically grown and locally produced collections.

    In addition to runway shows at the new Creekside Community Centre, the week also features a tradeshow and lectures from Nobel Prize Winner Dr Andrew Weaver and model/activist Summer Rayne Oakes plus others.  

    Tickets are still available so check out some of the events and fashion throughout the week.

    Scissor Sisters

    Scissor Sisters – Malkin Bowl – September 16, 2010

    Mother Nature fought hard but the Scissor Sisters still won over the capacity crowd at a very rain soaked Malkin Bowl.
    Even though the rain came pouring down the audiences still had a great vibe in anticipation of the Scissor Sisters largest Vancouver show to date.  When the band finally took the stage; people in varying levels of rain protection, from plastic bags and styrofoam take out containers to North Face and Gortex danced and sang like it was a beautiful sunny dry evening.
    Lead by the incredibly fit, Jake Shears and glamour vixen Ana Matronic, the Scissor Sisters’ infectious blend of 70’s Elton John meets 80’s Yaz synth-pop gets under your skin and makes you want to dance, dance and dance some more. 
    In weather that has made other acts whither and hide under the sheltered part of the stage Jake and Ana were troopers and continued to perform over the whole stage.  After a couple of songs, practicality got the better of Jake and he traded in his latex singlet for a Gortex raincoat.  Amazingly this didn’t take anything away from the show, in fact it seemed to make the night that much more special as Jake and Ana were “one of us” partying in the rain. 
    This continued into the night as the band joined fans at the after-party at Five-Sixty. Rather than sticking to a VIP area and partying on their own the band was out on the floor with the rest of us celebrating the wrap of their North American tour.  Just another reason to love this band!

    Davie Day 2010

    Sept 11th marks the third annual Davie Day in the West End. From Burrard to Broughton, Davie Street is closed to traffic and is taken over by entertainment, activities, information, food & beverage vendors.

    The event really is for the while family, with something to keep every age (and attention span) interested: 
         Great entertainers are on the main stage (near Burrard); especially the very  popular Kim Kuzma and Shawn Hlookoff
         Movies and lots of activities for the younger crowd are in the KidZone at the Jervis end of the festival site. 
         Heritage & Arts displays for those looking for some culture and eductation with their day out. 
         Of course what street festival would be complete without some great food from the local merchants.

    Come out and support the Davie Street and West End and be a part of the community!

    (sadly I’m not there this year so have fun for me!)