The Posies – 20 Years On

The Posies – Venue – December 10, 2010

Hard to believe Bellingham’s The Posies have been together over 20 years but that explains their comfort and ease onstage.
They’re hardworking too, not only are they headlining their current tour but they’re also playing backup for support act, Brendan Benson.

Having been together through so many trends in music their sound has adopted many of them. Their set is like an encyclopedia of music genres: grunge, pop, hard rock, lounge. All together it creates the most melodic mashup of sounds!

Being so close to home for their second last show of this tour the band seemed to have an extra vigour in their performance that the small but dedicated crowd loved.  If only this were a later show and not competing against holiday parties & other big name concerts this would easily have been a much talked about gig…at least I’ll be talking about it

Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters – Malkin Bowl – September 16, 2010

Mother Nature fought hard but the Scissor Sisters still won over the capacity crowd at a very rain soaked Malkin Bowl.
Even though the rain came pouring down the audiences still had a great vibe in anticipation of the Scissor Sisters largest Vancouver show to date.  When the band finally took the stage; people in varying levels of rain protection, from plastic bags and styrofoam take out containers to North Face and Gortex danced and sang like it was a beautiful sunny dry evening.
Lead by the incredibly fit, Jake Shears and glamour vixen Ana Matronic, the Scissor Sisters’ infectious blend of 70’s Elton John meets 80’s Yaz synth-pop gets under your skin and makes you want to dance, dance and dance some more. 
In weather that has made other acts whither and hide under the sheltered part of the stage Jake and Ana were troopers and continued to perform over the whole stage.  After a couple of songs, practicality got the better of Jake and he traded in his latex singlet for a Gortex raincoat.  Amazingly this didn’t take anything away from the show, in fact it seemed to make the night that much more special as Jake and Ana were “one of us” partying in the rain. 
This continued into the night as the band joined fans at the after-party at Five-Sixty. Rather than sticking to a VIP area and partying on their own the band was out on the floor with the rest of us celebrating the wrap of their North American tour.  Just another reason to love this band!

Vampire Weekend & Guests

Vampire Weekend with guest Dum Dum Girls & Beach House – Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park – August 28, 2010

Malkin Bowl is a diamond within the jewel that is Stanley Park in Vancouver. A small scale version of the Hollywood Bowl, Malkin has hosted a number of great concerts in addition to being home of Theatre Under The Stars. Nestled amongst the trees, there is no where better for an outdoor gig on a nice summer evening!
Three buzzworthy bands came out on this warm August night to entertain a sell out crowd.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls started things off in a swirl of dark hair, clothes and makeup.  I’d been told and heard many things about this band but didn’t really know what to expect.  In spite of their almost goth like appearance they came out sounding like a modern, slightly harder version of the GoGo’s.  They didn’t really interact with the audience but then with a short opening set you want to hear what their music is like not the sound of them talking. I can see good things coming from them.

Beach House

Beach House followed, this very buzzed about band played Vancouver in the early spring but we missed that show due to too many other concerts on the same night (we couldn’t manage to catch three in one night).  I know a lot of people came early specifically to catch Beach House.  Dream pop is probably the best description of this duos sound. Singer Victoria le Grand has an almost ethereal quality to her voice, perfect for a beautiful outdoor venue.

Vampire Weekend

By the time Beach House finished their set Malin Bowl was truly packed and ready for the headliners, Vampire Weekend.
Having seen them on their first visit to Vancouver supporting their debut album I had high expectations of what I should be seeing…they did not disappoint!
Although they look like they’d be at home on the set of the tv series “Big Bang Theory” they know how to show the crowd a good time! I challenge anyone watching them to not smile and bounce along to their infectious blend of ska/pop/rock.  Playing an almost 2 hour set they definitely gave the crowd their money’s worth and were appreciated for it with great feedback as they rolled through hit like Mansard Roof, A-punk, Cousins.  Sadly the sun set and the 10pm curfew put an end to the fun evening leaving the crowd looking forward to their return.

Chromeo – Won Over!

11Aug2010 – Chromeo at Commodore Ballroom (I forgot my camera so you’ll have to get a taste via the Momma’s Boy video instead)

One word! Awesome! Such a fun show. I’d heard of and listened to Montreal based Chromeo a bit before and like their blend of retro style dance-pop so thought I’d take the opportunity to see them live.  Boy, was I happy I did! My friend Grady and I ended up knowing a bunch of other people there and as soon as I tweeted that I was at the show…a few other friends started replying how much they liked Chromeo and wanted to be there…I had no idea they were so big (I’m not usually this clueless).
We got there in time to catch the opening set by Holy Ghost , also a good act but cursed by not having as good a sound set up as the headliners.
Once Chromeo took the stage to audience chants of Cho-ME-oh-WHOA-oh! It was a fun, bouncing, dancing, entertaining solid hour+ show.  I can’t imagine anyone not having a good time.  For one of our other friends this was his fourth time seeing them…I can see why. I will definitely be back and suggest you do the same!

Canada Day 2010

Reigniting the Spirit of 2010! In our first opportunity since winter, my friend Brian and I, along with thousands of other Vancouverites, took to the streets again breaking out the red hoodies, jersey’s and Canada Olympic gear.  Thanks to the lessons learned in February, Canada Day 2010 seemed to have an added boost of patriotism this year.  Some Scottish tourists actually commented to me how amazed they were at the blatant patriotism on display (often emblazoned across our chests in a large CANADA).
Canada Place is host of the biggest Canada Day party in the west and pulled out all the stops to wow the crowd of new and old Canadians.  Beginning with the swearing in of a batch of new Canadian citizens, to a celebration of the Canadian Navy’s centenary, bands, dancers, street performers and the events were all topped off with the reignited Olympic Cauldron sitting in it’s newly finished water feature. It’s a great family oriented day out!
Wrapping up our day is the annual Helijet Family Barbeque at the Vancouver Harbour Heliport.  For the last few years we’ve gathered our families and friends, in the evening on July 1st to eat barbeque, drink, visit, watch kids play…then we all proceed down to the floating helipad for our exclusive view of the fireworks display over Canada Place.  It’s our unique Helijet tribute to Canada Day…family, friends and fun !