6 Canadian Food Inventions To Help Celebrate Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! While you’re out celebrating the nation’s birthday let’s take a look at a few Canadian foods that will make you proud of the place we call home.

McIntosh Red: long before Apple Inc debuted their Macintosh computers, Canadian John McIntosh cultivated the Canadian apple in 1811, perfect for a Canada Day Apple Pie!

Butter Tart: an integral part of Canadian pioneer life, the Canadian pastry tart has expanded from its eastern roots to reach all parts of the country.

Poutine: one of the best known of Canadian cuisine, beyond our borders, the Québécois staples of french fries, cheese curd, and brown gravy, has become a beloved source of national pride as its gained acceptability.

Nanaimo Bar: while it may have other origins, the no-bake, layered bar was first recorded as the “Nanaimo Bar” in a 1953 recipe enshrined in the Nanaimo Museum.

Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale: Ontario chemist John J. McLaughlin created a ginger ale that was dry, or less sweet, than other ginger ales on the market at the time, which became popular during prohibition to mask the taste of homemade alcohol.

Caesar: celebrating the 50th anniversary of its invention by Calgary bartender, Walter Chell, the Caesar cocktail has become the staple of brunches and ‘hair of the dog’ mornings everywhere!

4th Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge is on!

vf_poutine_web_2015The 4th Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge is underway! Fourteen restaurants have created their own unique tastes on the truly Canadian dish of cheese curds, fries and gravy.

From Breakfast Poutine to savoury beef stroganoff topped Poutines to sweet Churro based dessert Poutine, you won’t be bored of these unique chefs dishes.

Head out, order the Poutine creations at the participating restaurants then vote for your favourite dish, keeping in mind the criteria of originality, creativity,  traditional, non-traditional, price, value and of course, taste. People can vote for the People’s Choice Winner the same day after trying the Poutine creation and can continue to vote once a day until the Challenge warps on February 28, 2015.

A celebrity panel of judges will also be tasting the Poutine dishes throughout the challenge to choose the Judges Choice winner.

Tara Lee @VanGlutton
Sean Nield @YVRBCBro
Alyssa Dawson @AlyssaCDawson
Dennis Pang @DennisPang

Follow the judges as they make their way through the complete list of Poutine Challengers. View the whole list on vancouverfoodster.com then get out and eat!

Start voting! Vancouver Foodster’s 3rd Annual Poutine Challenge

vf_poutine_webAlmost everyone has their favourite Poutine place, whether it’s a posh high-end plate or a hot, container of take-out  Vancouver Foodster’s Poutine Challenge is back for a third year. This year’s challenge features 12 restaurants in Vancouver and Richmond and runs until Feb 28th.

Participating restaurants are showcasing their own specially created Poutine, made just for this limited time challenge. The public is invited to visit any of the participating restaurants, order the poutine dishes and then vote for which ones they think are worthy of winning the challenge. When choosing, diners are reminded to keep in mind the challenge criteria; originality, creativity, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly, taste.

Spanning a diverse cultural range, from Buckstop on Denman, Calabbash Bistro in Gastown or Vij’s Rangoli on the West Side to American Grille and Pier 73 in Richmond, the full list of participating restaurants can be found on at VancouverFoodster.com/Poutine-Challenge  

Preston’s Canadian Inspired Menu

Preston’s Restaurant in the Coast Coal Harbour in Vancouver kicked off its Canadian Inspired Comfort Food menu with a fun tasting on Wednesday evening.

A tasting tour across the country welcomed guest to give a hint of what’s in store for the menu. Greeting at the door by a Caesar with Molson Canadian for a uniquely Canadian cocktail.  Maple popcorn and Ketchup Chips sat alongside games like Jenga and Uno to give the room a homey feel and add to the camaraderie of the evening. Starting in the Pacific, West Coast oysters and Nanaimo Bars were paired with Granville Island ales. Crossing the Rockies, to the Prairies for flat iron Bison accompanied by Perogies topped with creme fraiche. A stop at Le Belle Province proved popular for many as traditional Poutine (with vegetarian gravy) and smoked meat were on order. Wrapping up the cross-Canada adventure, seafood from the Maritimes was a must in any Canadian menu. Tasty Atlantic Lobster Rolls and rich seafood chowder topped off the tasting.

If the bites and excitement were any judge, patrons will indeed find Canadian Inspired Comfort at Preston’s on their next and return visits.

Preston’s has locations in Vancouver, Chilliwack and Kamloops. The Vancouver location is at 1177 West Pender Street (level 2 of the Coast Coal Harbour) Open from 0630 daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Find Preston’s on Twitter @DinePrestons and Facebook.com/dinePrestons