12 Days of Christmas Price Index 2018 – Inforgraphic

As you’re wrapping up your holidays shopping to fill the stockings and put under the Christmas tree, did you ever consider what it would cost if you purchased all the items on the 12 Days of Christmas?

The PNC Christmas Price Index is out to let you know what would it set you back if you were to buy each item in the 12 days.

This year the total has increased by 1.2% over 2017, hitting a hefty
$39, 094.93.  If you were to shop for the 12 Days online, it would add an extra $2,071.02, for shipping.

The Geese A Laying had the biggest jump in price this year, costing an extra 8.3%, while the Gold Rings reflected lower commodity prices in a 9.1% drop in cost.

While the individual pricing seems high, it’s nothing compared to the cumulative cost if you were to buy the total number of each item in the 12 days.  The total of 364 gifts would hit your bank account with a whopping $170, 609.46.

For a full breakdown of the PNC Christmas Price Index visit pncchristmaspriceindex.com and check out the DIY Craft Projects for each of the Days to create your own version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

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