Best Selling Soundtracks of All-time

With the release of the remake of the film Footloose, this weekend, and the remake of some of the classic hits from the original soundtrack, it had me thinking of other great classic soundtracks. Some have music specifically written for the film while others are merely compilations of music to reflect the mood or era of the movie. Something within each of them clicked with the public, occassionally it’s one single that makes the difference, like ‘My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic or “I Will Always Love You” from The Bodyguard. In other cases it’s the whole soundtrack that made the film and and soundtrack, like “Dirty Dancing”.  Here is the top ten best selling soundtracks of all time (according to Amazon)

1. The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack AlbumBodyguard Soundtrack
2. Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track
3. Music from the Motion Picture “Purple Rain”
4. Dirty Dancing: Original Soundtrack from The Vestron Motion Picture
5: Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture
Titanic6: The Lion King
7: Original Soundtrack of The Paramount Motion Picture: Footloose
Top Gun8: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Top Gun
9: The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture: Grease
10: Waiting To Exhale: Original Soundtrack Album

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