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Lemon Shakers Lemonade Stand

Recently I found this great lemonade stand while at a couple of downtown Vancouver street festivals.  At first glace it looked like any other lemonade stand but on second look the equipment and product were different that your run of the mill street vendor.

The industrial stainless steel prep area made it seem cleaner than average and the super cool hydraulic lemon press, applying 250psi, really drew attention.  The press makes sure every drop of goodness is squeezed out of the lemons. Add in cold filtered water, some simple syrup and you’ve got a great refreshing lemonade for a hot day. What made Lemon Shakers stand different was the option to add in a shot of Blast Energy Drink.  I had an ounce of Cranberry-Grape concentrate to my lemonade and it was super tasty. The Blast Energy Drink concentrate was like getting as Energy drink shot added to my lemonade, an extra boost on a late summer afternoon.  It really set the lemonade apart from the stands selling a lemon cut in half and filled with water.

Blast Energy Concentrate

The concentrate isn’t available to consumers but I got to try a couple of the canned versions, they’re sugar free (just 8 calories/can), most of the 11 flavours are carb-free, low or no caffeine and packed with vitamin B’s for energy (there’s even a kosher version). I usually find other brands too sweet and artificial tasting.  While there was no denying that this wasn’t really a citrus juice, the flavour was quite good and refreshing. I was surprised to find that XS Blast Energy drinks are not available in retailers, only through direct sales online  or phone (778-227-9679) and only RedBull sells more energy drinks in the USA.

XS Blast Energy Drinks

If you get a chance to see the stand at a fair, stop by and try a lemonade with or without the energy shot, it’s a great, refreshing drink. As an added bonus the Lemon Shakers folks also sell sweet & salty kettle corn, made right in front of you.  Rob, the stand’s owner says they’ve been at street fairs all summer and more to come into the fall.  Also the stand is available to rent for private events and functions. It would make a great combination with the traditional bar at a party.

*While I was provided with a couple of free drinks this endorsement of XS Blast Energy drinks & Lemon Shakers Stand is completely unsolicited.

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