Christmas Gift Ideas 2013 : Hope

If you’re like most shoppers, there’s someone on your list who’s very hard to buy for because they have very few needs or wants.  Why not give them the gift of a donation in their name, giving something from someone with everyone to someone with very little. provides the perfect option if you’re not sure of the person’s favourite charity.  Charity Gift Cards allow you to select your own personalised card in the denomination of your choice and then the recipient donates it to the charity of their choice.

If you’re looking for something specific perhaps a look at the Plan Canada’s online shop, you can choose to donate or purchase a much needed or useful item for someone in a developing country.  Bed Nets to help protect from Malaria is just $10, planting a Fruit Tree to help a family feed itself is just $15, Goats to provide milk and meat is just $75, there’s much more to select from on the Plan Canada catalogue.

Whether you select one of these options or have your own favourite charity, giving the gift of Hope is a present everyone wants.

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