Falling In Time – Theatre Review

Falling In Time – Performance Works Theatre

Set in Vancouver in 1994 and Korea during the Korean War years, Falling In Time tells the tale of how the war directly affected those involved in the conflict and the generations to follow.
Four actors portray an array of a diverse characters; Nelson Wong playing a young Korean immigrant as well as his predecessor, Allan Morgan playing both the young and old verision of a Korean veteran.  Manami Hara and Kevin Kraussler fill out the cast, each playing numerous characters.  Kraussler plays a pivotal role as an English teacher for Wong’s character.
The play is sentimenal, emotional and bold, it definitely doesn’t hold back on raw, gritty adult language, sexual situations and male nudity so it is not recommended for those with delicate dispositions or sensitive ears. Some of the language is charged with racial and homophobic slurs that may offend some but does need to be taken in context as it helps explain the characters psyche and stresses the generation gaps. 
Falling In Time does a good job of being thought provoking and emotional, although obvious, writer G.E. Gatchalian never clearly explains how the charcters lives are intertwined leaving it to the audience to interpret and assume. 
Leaving the theatre wanting to learn more about the Korean conflict is a good sign the play gained the interest and intrigue of the audience. 
Playing at Performance Works on Granville Island, the Screaming Weenie production of Falling In Time runs until November 12th. For tickets and information visit the website.

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