A FUN. Filled Night at Ambleside Live

FUN. – Ambleside Park – August 31, 2013

As the sun dropped behind the horizon at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, the crowd reached its peak and 10000 people got ready to enjoy FUN., the headliners on the Most Nights Summer Tour. The beautiful setting was matched by the band’s initial stylish appearance onstage in tuxedos as the trio sang the intro, in Queen-like fashion, to ‘Some Nights’ before the stage darkened again. Reappearing in casual attire, lead singer Nate Ruess wearing a tan blazer over a Toronto Raptors jersey, the band were joined by three additional backing musicians for the remainder of the nearly 90 minute set.  The large stage seemed small for how quickly Ruess bounced about and made the stage his own, reminiscent of Mick Jagger’s endless energy when performing, especially with a cover of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ in the setlist.

For a massive outdoor space and what Ruess called “one of the largest audiences we’ve ever played for” they band were able to connect with the audience (save, perhaps, for those back in the beer garden) and make it feel intimate. A slightly comedic conversation about calling Vancouver, ‘The ‘Couv” was just some of the witty banter the band engaged in with each other and the crowd. Throughout the show, the audience danced and sang along spontaneously as well as with encouragement from the band, especially on the hits ‘Some Nights’, ‘We Are Young’ and ‘Carry On’.  As the 10pm curfew for the site rolled around the band wound down the show but kept the audience up as they stated they’d return on tour after taking some time off and recording their next album. I’m sure many in the audience are anticipating that concert announcement and the chance to see FUN. again.

FUN. continue on the Most Night Summer Tour with Tegan and Sara throughout September.

Find them live on the road or online, on Twitter @OurNameIsFun, on Facebook.com/OurNameIsFun, and follow #MostNights hashtag on Instagram & Twitter to see what’s happening on tour.

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