Get your bodywork done at Manscape Spa

“A spa from a uniquely male perspective” is the slogan at Manscape Spa and exactly the concept behind this one-of-a-kind men’s only spa in downtown Victoria.
Located conveniently at the Victoria Conference Centre, the spa is designed with a masculine aesthetic – cool, crisp, clean but comfortable and calming. Continuing the masculine styling, the staff are uniformed in mechanics shirts and trousers.  Unlike many spas, that are full of products aimed at the female clients as soon as you enter, Manscape only carries a very select line of skincare products from Laboratoire Dr Renaud and high-end Naked Underwear, with are included with some treatment.
Even the most novice spa client will feel at ease not only in the surroundings but also in the capable hands of Skin Therapist Doug Janczyn, one of the country’s few male skin therapists. Self-confesses ‘skin nerd’ Janczyn will explain the steps and procedures with depth and knowledge but in a simple way that everyone could understand.
Manscape offers a series of skin treatments for all parts of a man’s body from head to toe, from exfoliating to waxing and everything inbetween. New to the spa? Start with a Facial Virgin as an introduction before moving on to a Scrub Down or an Ultimate Cleanse then advance to the Porn Star or Full Monty.  Wrap it all up with a Relaxation Massage.  For those too busy to get to the spa, Manscape delivers treatments to your home or office as well.
For those looking for an alternative to repeated waxing treatments a more permanent solution, Laser Hair Removal is available.  Beyond skin treatments, Manscape can also provide non-surgical liposuction with a Sheerwave Cavitation RF System, a simple 30 minute treatment to help remove excess fat, contour the body and tighten skin using ultrasonic radio frequency. Desired results are usually found after 8-9 treatments.
Whatever treatment you choose the desired results of any treatment is close at hand, of Manscape’s Doug Janczyn.

Manscape Spa is located in Victoria at 748 Douglas Street – visit or call 250-590-8656 for more information and watch for a Vancouver location later this year.

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