Jordan Knight – Live & Unfinished Tour

Jordan Knight – Venue – October 20, 2012

After nearly 3 decades in the music industry, Jordan Knight knows how to please his audience, whether it’s a arena tour with his NKOTB bandmates or a small intimate solo show for a few hundred like this night. Having grown up along side him, his fans (mostly women) feel a fond affection for their pop idol.  For many Jordan Knight was probably their first pop crush, and this memory has carried over into adult hood. Given the chance to bond with him in an intimate concert setting, and I’m sure have a night out from the kids, is a chance few will pass up. Mr Knight seems well aware of this as in addition to the concert, he offered fans the opportunity to have dinner with him before the show, a VIP meet & greet after the show and a brunch with him the following morning.
For those who could only afford the time or money to attend the concert they were not to disappointed, even though it was a small venue he still brought a 3 piece backing band plus two dancers along with him, giving the audience a show well worth the money.
Running through tracks from his solo career including singles “Give It To You”, “Where Your Heart Is Tonight”, “Let’s Go Higher”, “Stingy (with recorded backing vocals by Donnie Wahlberg)” and “One More Night”. Up-tempo dance numbers featured he and his dancers covering the stage building up some great energy and then performing some ballads and cover tracks at the keyboard provided a slow intimate vibe which the crowd loved as he wooed them with his vocals, before again whipping them to a frenzy with some sexy hip action on the next dance number. A highlight for the audience was the opportunity for 4 of the ladies to come up on stage to dance with Jordan during “Rockstar”. After leaving the stage and returning in just a tank top, to wrap up the 90min set, the audience was clamoring for him to take his shirt off, but I would have been afraid of the audience had he been shirtless, he had built up such huge energy among the crowd that they might have boiled over with any bit more temptation.
As a casual fan it was an enjoyable and entertaining set, for the diehard NKOTB or Jordan Knight fan I’m sure they all had a great time.

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