Ke$ha had a party, everyone’s invited

Kesha – Rogers Arena – Sept 9, 2011

Glitter, beer, cross-dressing dancers, a St Andrew’s Cross, a dancing penis and an Elmo pinata…not the usual words I include in a concert review but for Kesha, all of them apply.  Try to imagine attending a party in the basement of a frat house and multiply the shenanigans by 10 and you’ll have an idea of a Kesha show.  So much trashy fun!
Appropriately her tour is titled the “Get Sleazy Tour” and she makes sure it lives up the name, the audience does a pretty good job of helping it along as well.  More than a few times, I felt like a parent exclaiming “what is that girl wearing?!” in response to a remarkably short skirt or revealing top on a very young girl.  Behind the trashy clothes and bravado Kesha does somehow seem to proclaim her own style of girl power and the mostly female audience, felt the power.  Except for a moment during the ballad of the set, the audience was up, dancing, cheering and having a great time, right from the opening “Sleazy” and “Take It Off” to the encore anthem “We R Who We Say We R” and Beastie Boys cover of “You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party”
Without a huge catalogue, Kesha made the most of her set, turning each song into a bit of a spectacle.  Even though, I’m sure it was rehearsed, the choreography, banter and set up for each song seemed natural and spontaneous. Although Ke$ha is a carefully cultivated persona that stays intact throughout the show, she makes sure she can back it up with her musical ability. Sure there’s most likely a backing track helping her along but she can actually sing and plays numerous instruments through the show.  As her catalogue grows and her career matures, I’m sure her shows will as well, for now this down and dirty party vibe is just right.

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