Recently Vancouver Fashion Week was hosted in the impressive Masik Studios, home to the collection and workspace of renowed artist Pamela Masik. At an impressive 14,000 sqare feet with high ceilings, a large main hall and various smaller spaces, it is a rare find in Vancouver.
Masik Studio hosts some of the city’s premier events and if they’re lucky guests can witness a live performace by the artist herself.

Pamela Masik is an artist of many medium, paint, sculpture, music and the written word are all part of her repertoire. Her Masik Studio on West 2nd Ave in Vancouver is home to her art collection and creative workshop. Her recent ‘The Forgotten’ Project is collection of 69, 8′ x 10′ portraits of the murdered & missing women from Vancouver’s Dowtown Eastside. The Studio is filled with works in various styles, each corner and room bringing a new and eye catching piece.

Masik is open by appointment only for viewings or by invitation to a hosted event at the studio. Visit for more information.





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