Matthew Morrison – Triple Threat

Matthew Morrison – Rogers Arena – July 9/10, 2011

Entering the stage to the strains of the James Bond Theme Song, wearing a tuxedo, followed by two sultry backup singer/dancers, Matthew Morrison certainly set the tone of his performance. Class and quality seem to be the words to best describe how this performance went.
Although most are familiar with his TV work on Glee, Morrison is an accomplished Broadway performer and was right at home singing and dancing before a live audience.  Perhaps realizing his audience was mostly from TV, his set list consisted of a number of covers and mash-ups as performed on the hit show.
Mixed throughout the covers were some of his own tracks from his self-titled debut album.  Telling a little background story about them helped us get an idea of his style and where his writing evolves from and how he wrote them on his ukulele.  Perhaps most significant is “Don’t Stop Dancing”, his tribute to the ‘triple threat’ entertainers who inspired him, Gene Kelly, Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson. To highlight his own talent he wraps up the tune by putting aside the microphone and performing the signature dance moves of each icon before taking his well deserved bows.

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