Native Shoes debuts The Natives

While the major networks debut their Fall TV Seasons, Native Shoes announces the launch of a new series on their Nativision portal. The Natives is a a series of lighthearted short films capturing the spirit of a cross-section of individuals across the globe. Each character was hand-selected for their uniqueness, creativity, innovation and light heartedness, beliefs held by Native itself. “The Native brand is about celebrating individuality across the globe,” said Founder Damian Van Zyll De Jong. “We envisioned the series as a way to relate to a diverse community and express, in a creative and fun way, that Native is for everyone.”

Created by filmmakers Corey Adams and Alex Craig of the famed Machotaildrop, each film in The Natives will highlight the featured individual’s local environment and distinctive passion. Viewers will learn about Thor’s dedication to motorcycles in Portland, Jozsef’s quirky dance moves in Budapest and Shawnt’s ice cream truck adventures in Los Angeles. The characters portrayed are wildly different from one another, though share a uniqueness that sets each apart from the other seven billion people on this earth.  The premier film, featuring New York photographer Tim Barber, debuted August 28, 2012 on Nativision as well as YouTube.  New “Natives” videos from Budapest to Los Angeles will make their debut every two weeks following today’s premiere video!

Step out of your world and into someone else’s shoes. Follow the stories of individuality, creativity, innovation, and passion all over the globe. Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, how do you stand out? The Natives, the adventure walks. #onein7billion

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