NOH8 Campaign stops in Vancouver

Friends: (l to r) Brian Webb, Billy Hur and Jay Minter ready for a NOH8 Photo

For only the second time in Canada, the NOH8 Campaign came to Vancouver on May 8th for an open photo shoot. Founded in 2009 by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley as a silent photographic protest against California’s Proposition 8, aimed to eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry, NOH8 has grown from a grassroots localized event to spread all across the continent. As the number continues to grow, so far over 20000 people have taken part in the campaign, emblazing their cheek with the now familiar black and red NOH8 and placing duct tape over their mouths.
20120513-001909.jpgVancouver added another few hundred to the project at the shoot at The Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside. It was great to see a large turnout including a cross section of Vancouverites; young, old, gay, straight, couples, singles and friends plus local celebrities from radio and television like the cast of Real Housewives Of Vancouver – Reiko MacKenzie brought a couple of her luxury sports cars to help draw attention from the street, came together to help support the cause. While Canadians are not directly affected by Proposition 8, having had same-sex marriage rights since 2005, it is still important to help raise awareness for all people, everywhere.




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