Qi Bangkok Eatery – New York

Style with sustenance is the name of the game at Qi Bangkok Eatery.

The first thing that strikes diners, even before walking in the door, is that this Thai bistro is far from average in appearance. Hologram images stare out from the full wall of windows, the crisp white paint surrounding the doors is a contrast to the grimy brick buildings adjacent. More white greets you upon entering the restaurant, at the front of the space is a lounge area to accommodate waiting diners, a long bar lines the left side and a mix of long and square tables are throughout the rest of the room. The long tables are smartly divided into 4 person dining pods separated by ornate chandeliers in glass boxes and at the end of the table dividing the upper level seating is a 6 foot tall white shrine. The restrooms feature more holograms accompanying patrons while they go about their business.

All this style could easily be covering up for a lack of quality menu but this isn’t the case at Qi, good food, ample portions and reasonable prices go hand in hand with the modern decor.

My friends and I tried a few items from the large pan-asian menu, appetizers of coconut crusted calamari and pork sui mai dumplings were promptly brought to the table and zestfully devoured.  Entrees include large bowls of noodle soups, plates of panfried noodles, curried rice dishes with meats and fish. Our table had beef noodle soup, red curry and a unique house speciality Qi Pad Thai. All were very good and hearty, the Qi Pad Thai was particularly tasty, a full flavoured pad thai is wrapped in a thin but substantial egg omelette (foo yeung style), this unique twist adds an extra dimension to the dish.

Qi Bangkok is located near Times Square, at 675 8th Ave between 42nd and 43rd St, open 7 days per week for lunch and dinner and delivery. Sister restaurant, Qi Asian Eatery is located downtown at 31 W 14th Street.

Stop by the next time you’re in New York City

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