Shakespeare’s Rebel at Bard on the Beach


The 26th season of Bard on the Beach is in full swing under the tents at Vanier Park.  This year’s season includes the new play, Shakespeare’s Rebel by CC Humphrey. Based on his historical fiction novel of the same name, Humphrey crafted the book into a fast paced, action adventure with the balance of humour, swordplay, family and romantic entanglements that would make The Bard himself happy.

Centred on a member of Shakespeare’s company of actors at The Globe Theatre. John Lawley, charismatically played by Benedict Campbell, is a premier swordsman, actor and drinker who must muddle through a tumultuous time in English history.  Elizabeth I is on the throne and sends her champion Robert, Earl of Essex (John Murphy) to quell the uprising in Ireland while at home the sinister Sir Robert Cecil (Robert Klein) plots against him.  Amongst it all he juggles keeping his friend Shakespeare (Anousha Alamain) on track to produce a play that will keep The Globe afloat, his son’s desire to be in the company of actors, his ex’s new fiance and his loyalty to Essex.  Colleen Wheeler’s Queen Elizabeth I and Jennifer Lines’ Tess manage to keep the men in check and command the attention of their paramours. All of the company are engaging as they whip through the plays quick changes and action.

Shakespeare’s Rebel, alternates with Love’s Labours Lost in the Howard Family Stage at Bard on the Beach until September 19th.

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