Teengirl Fantasy

Teengirl Fantasy – Commodore Ballroom – September 24, 2011

Electo-pop duo Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss got the night started off on the right foot when opening for James Blake at the Commodore Ballroom. In fact they had the crowd on both feet as they produced some great beats for the early crowd to dance to.  Pulsing along in unison the mostly college aged crowd meant Teengirl Fantasy nearly lived up to their name.
Even though they duo never spoke and didn’t sing, they’re electronic dance vibe won over the crowd. I’ve seen larger bands talking & singer their hearts out create less energy in a room. This duo somehow filled the room with energy, Weiss’ infectiously danced behind his keyboard and while pounding his electronic drum hyping up the audience more and more.  While the only use of they vocals was provided by Takahashi’s vocal sound samples which looped and combined with clips of dialogue from the show.  The approximately 45minute set whizzed by and came to draw all too soon, the audience was clearly just getting started on the club vibe.  Teengirl Fantasy became everyone’s fantasy DJ’s for a great night of dancing…maybe in the future?

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