The Pack A.D. – NXNE 2011

The Pack A.D. – Horseshoe Tavern – NXNE 2011

Two women – big sound & big presence, is probably the easiest way to describe The Pack A.D., but they are so much more than that.  Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller squeeze every bit of energy and sound from their instuments as their garage/rock tunes explode on stage.   Witty and self-depricating banter between the bandmates really seems to bond the band and the audience.  Being a hard working touring band seems to have paid off as their stage presence and confidence seems to have greatly improved since we last saw them a year ago. The audience seems to have improved and grown as well, as a nearly full house was moshing, fist-pumping and cheering band on throughout their set.  With a new album coming in the fall of 2011 we can expect to see more from The Pack A.D. soon.

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