Top 10 “give it a look” new TV series of 2011-12 season.

As we hit the Labour Day weekend in North America, back to school, autumn and the new TV season are just around the corner.

I was taking a look at some of the new shows and picked out a few that might be worth a look, based on their descriptions, pedigrees and/or cast. Could be hits. Could be misses. I couldn’t actually decide on just 10, but since some will inevitably be cancelled, we might end up with just 10 of these.

Charlie’s Angels – A remake of the 70’s ‘classic’ is brought back by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.  With their previous reboot, Smallville having just completed it’s 10 year run, these two know how to breathe new life into an old concept.  CTV/ABC
Once Upon A Time– another fantasy/drama from the creators of Lost. Intriguing and confusing but possibly interesting, set in a small New England town that is actually a parallel

Pan Am

world where the population are fairy tale characters. CTV/ABC
Pan Am – taking it’s cue from Mad Men, this set-in-the-60’s series starring Christina Ricci and from the creators of West Wing and ER, takes a look at the heydays of the iconic Pan Am airline. I expect lots of their signature ‘walking and talking” scenes. CTV/ABC
2 Broke Girls – a rather simple sounding workplace sitcom about two girls striking up a friendship working in a greasy spoon. Star Kat Denning, might be the saviour if this is a vehicle written to suit her style.  City-TV/CBS
How To Be A Gentleman – based on the book of the same name the story of the friendship between two polar opposite men, one refined, one very unrefined.  Let’s see if star Kevin Dillon can break away from his iconic roll of Johnny Drama on Entourage.  Global/CBS
Person Of Interest – A presumed dead CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) and a mysterious billionaire (Lost’s Michael Emerson) team up to solve crimes with their own vigilante justice, sounds a bit hokey but a solid cast and backing from J.J. Abrams will probably keep this going for at least one season.

Hart Of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie – Rachel Bilson, that’s enough to make this ‘fish out of water’ story about a recently graduated New York Doctor trying to adjust to a practice in small town Alabama, worth a look.  Add in a the production team behind, Gossip Girl, The O.C. and Chuck and it might be a winner. The CW
The Secret Circle– based on the books by Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith and from the same production team as The Vampire Diaries, will luck strike twice for this team and can they turn this series into guilty pleasure TV? MuchMusic/The CW
– Buffy’s Back! No, not really but Sarah Michelle Geller returns to TV as a woman who takes over her late twin sister’s life to avoid the Mob but soon learns her sisters life wasn’t as idyllic as imagined.  Global/The CW
New Girl– Who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel? Apparently that’s how this new series starts, after a bad break-up the ‘new girl’ moves in with three male roommates…sounds a bit like a

New Girl

Three Company situation comedy but let’s see if Zooey’s cuteness can carry it.  CityTV/Fox
Grimm – part crime drama/fantasy, inspired by the Grimm’s Fairy Tales looks at what if those weren’t just stories but warnings about real creatures and how to deal with them. CTV/NBC
The Playboy Club – like a 60’s cocktail, mix a little Bunny Tail with a bit of Mob drama and Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer and concoct a new show.  CityTV/NBC
Smash – a musical drama with Debra Messing, Angelica Houston, Katherine McPhee, Jack Davenport from executive producer Steven Spielberg with music by Marc Shaiman. This has to be worth a look. NBC

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  1. i watched New Girl on line the other day only because of Zooey. I don’t know what other actor could pull off this character. Jess’s ( and zooey’s ) quirkiness and self professed dorkiness is perfectly portrayed in the show. The wardrobe department nailed the vibe of what her character is supposed to be. she wears overalls with high heels and a bathing suit in the shower; it’s hard not to love this lovable loser. adorably awkward, unsure, honest, unfiltered, unique, Jess dances to her own made up theme songs ( who’s that girl? it’s jess! ) while navigating life with 3 male roommates after a breakup.
    the pilot had its moments that will definitely show viewers that once it finds its legs, New Girl could be just the iconic heroine we’ve been waiting for.
    or, it could totally bomb. I love pilot season!!!!!

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