Top 10 Staff Party Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts

Holiday Office Party
Eat, Drink & Be Merry, just not too much

‘Tis the season to make merry and chances are you’ll be attending at least one holiday office party. Don’t let yourself be ‘that guy or girl’ that everyone talks about on Monday at work. Here are some tips to have a good time at the party but to keep yourself out of the spotlight.

1. Do Eat, Drink & Make Merry, but remember to take everything in moderation. This may be one of the few nights a year you leave the kids at home and get to let your hair down, just don’t let your reputation down by over indulging and becoming the ‘star attraction’ of the evening.

2.Don’t dress inappropriately for the event. Go ahead and glam it up a bit, just pay attention to the setting of your event and the style of the rest of your colleagues. Sometimes it can be just as inappropriate to be underdressed as it is to overdress.  Guys, a t-shirt is rarely appropriate attire. Ladies, make sure the length of your skirt is suitable for you to feel comfortable sitting, standing and dancing plus please remember to wear underwear.

Holiday Drinks
Don’t over-indulge in the holiday cocktails

3. Do mingle and get acquainted with your colleagues from other departments that you may not work with on a regular basis. If your upper management work in a different location this may be one of your few occasions to say hello during the year, best bet is to say hello early in the evening before you’ve started to ‘indulge’ in the festivities

4. Don’t bring a guest unless you’re aware that they are welcome at the party. In these days of corporate restraint, guests are often limited or excluded especially from daytime events or events at the office.

5. Do pay attention to when you arrive and leave the party. Many office parties keep the formalities early in the night, arrive in time for any speeches and prizes. Keeping the party going to the wee-hours can be fun, but move on to another venue so your party organizers can wrap up their duties.

6. Don’t hook-up with co-workers, a few drinks and that colleague might start to look like a good way to end the night. If it’s not appropriate in the office, it’s not appropriate out of the office.

7. Do plan a safe ride home or get a hotel room if you’re planning on drinking at the party. You don’t wan to end up with a drink driving conviction or worse. You’re company should be able to assist with a hotel rate or taxi voucher or safe ride service.

8. Don’t gossip or complain about other co-workers, remember to keep it professional. If you have a larger organization you may not know who is friends with whom and you may end up offending and definitely making yourself look bad.

9. Do thank your boss / organizers for hosting the party, they put a lot of time (and resources) into the event.

10. Don’t share photos from the party on Facebook, other online services or in the office if you wouldn’t show them to your kids or the boss at work.  Some memories are best keep to yourself and those who experienced them first hand.

Overall enjoy yourself at your staff event but remember to keep it slightly professional. Have fun!

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