Watch TED 2016

Once again TED Conference has begun in Vancouver, starting today through February 19th. Educators, entertainers, scientists and other creative minds descend upon the city for the week’s worth of sessions.  TED 2016 Dream is the theme that the sessions are built around; titled Our Tomorrow, Radical Repatterning, Life Hacks and more.

While most of us won’t have the opportunity to attend TED 2016 in person, attendance is by application and an $8500 fee, as with all TED events there are ways for the public to access the knowledge.

The Opening Session, today at 5pm, is being broadcast live at selected Cinemas around town. Book tickets here

You can also access TED Live for on demand viewing of all TED talks.

Some public locations are also live streaming TED 2016;
Grouse Mountain is live streaming the sessions at Theatre In The Sky
Vancouver Public Library branches around the city will be live streaming, check times as branch hours vary.  Check Library Branches in other municipalities too.
UBC offers live streaming broadcasts at Scarfe Building
Look for live streaming at other colleges and schools around the city.


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