Mark Munroe – New Artist Live!

Following the release of his second single, “Clear As Mud”, Mark Munroe is taking to the stage to introduce even more people to his sounds.  After a live show at The Drake and a showcase coming up tonight (Sept 7, 2011) at The Rivoli in Toronto, Mark is ready for the public to hear what he’s been working on so diligently over the last few months.  Mark has been hard at work writing, recording and rehearsing for the launch of his full length album, “The Life That I Designed”, due October 25th.  Of the response to his first two single releases, Mark excitedly says, “The response has been wonderful and there are a lot of people who have gotten behind me and the music, both fans and industry!”
He has also felt great public response to the fact he decided to come out publicly as a gay artist, at the same time as his first single release. His friends and family already knew he was gay but he wanted to start his new career openly and honestly, “coming out publicly was really an amazing experience because people, gay and straight have been so supportive of my decision to do so, I also had a lot of young gay men write to me letting me now that they felt better that someone in the public eye came out even thought it could have been very detrimental and they felt they could do the same, which is such an amazing thing that just being honest could have a real impact!”

"Clear As Mud" single is available on iTunes

Up next, a third single, “Dance For Me” plus at least one music video is due out just prior to the album release, to help keep momentum and buzz going in the industry and with the audience.  More live shows are planned throughout the autumn and winter as well.
In between all of this recording, rehearsing and performing, Mark still finds time to maintain his modelling career, having just shot a new ad campaign a week ago.  Asked how long he will maintain the modelling and the music, he states he will keep going “as long as they let me I will keep doing it here and there, plus it’s what helps push me to stay in great shape.”
He’s going to need to stay in shape to have the stamina to maintain a dual career.

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