Sunset Burgers

Sunset Burger's 80's inspired decor
Chicken Burger with Mac n' Cheese

Some friends and I tried out the newly opened Sunset Burgers in downtown Vancouver this week.
The decor has a very Patrick Nagel inspired look, brightly painted with neon lighting accents, giving the restaurants a cool 80’s retro feel.
Sunset Burgers offers a good size menu of Kobe Beef burgers with Chicken, Veggie Burger and Grilled Cheese Sandwich as non-beef options.  I wide list of add-ons are available, from free to $1.29 depending on the item. Sides include, hand-cut fries, yam fries, onion rings, Mac n’ Cheese and poutine.
My chicken burger was very tasty and the ingredients were nice and fresh.  The cup of Mac n’ Cheese I got as the side was very nicely seasoned and well cooked, the added touch of a bread crumb topping elevated it beyond a cafeteria style side dish.
While the menu looks impressive and the food tasted good, the price is quite high.  On their own, the burgers range from just $4.49 for the Grilled Cheese to $7.59 for the Chicken Burger but it adds up quickly to make a meal out of it.  A Chicken Burger combo, including a side and soft drink, with an added slice of cheese came to $15 plus tip.  The price would have been fine if the portions suited the bill, we were a bit disappointed in the serving sizes.  My chicken burger could have been finished in about 4 large bites, my friend’s side consisted of 6 onion rings.  Our only flavour criticism came from the fries, they were bland and not crisp enough, seemed like the oil wasn’t hot enough to fry them well.  We’ll leave that to the fact it was only day two and they haven’t got their timings down right yet as it was very busy in the restaurant.
All in all I’d give the Sunset Burgers experience a 3.5 out of 5, mostly for the unexpectedly high price. If I’d been forewarned I might have a different opinion because based on the food alone, it was tasty.

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  1. I love burgers, and I particularly love lettuce wraps. That means I should love the burger in Yaletown style. I giggled when I saw that. I’m a Yaletowner and always do the low/no carb thing. It stands to reason that I’d love this burger…..but not so!

    The lettuce itself was limp and not fresh. The patty was mediocre and thin. I read the reviews on urban spoon before we went. I’m guessing the original reviews were real, and then the ‘it’s so good’ reviews were written by the management of Sunset. (Which is of course exactly what happened with the old spot at Paul’s Stir Fry – same problem, high prices for mediocre food).

    Definitely not going back nor suggesting it to any of my friends – unless it’s to suggest them to NOT go. LOL.

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